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We are a professional company that specializes in air-conditioning service,repair and installation. Our core business is to provide quality and reliable services to residential and commercial air-conditioning systems in Singapore.



Regular servicing help to clear the dirt and dust that may block the air vents, keeping an aircon unit last longer

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Aircons do break down occasionally at the wrong timing, for example on a hot day in the middle of the dry season. Why not get it fixed as fast as possible?

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A good air conditioning unit is a waste of money if installed poorly and wrongly. How and where you install your air-con blower fan unit can make a world of difference.

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Chemical Cleaning

Aircon Chemical Washing

Chemical washing of your aircon compressor is needed when you have not serviced the aircon unit for a while. It involves passing certain chemical-based cleaners to clean the embedded dirt. These high quality chemical cleaners are powerful enough to bind the accumulated dirt with them and drain it out.

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